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The Massage Centre



Mondays 2pm - 8pm           Tuesdays 9am - 2pm
Wednesdays 1130am - 7pm        Thursdays 2pm - 8pm
Fridays 8am - 2pm              Saturdays 8am - 2pm


To inquire about same day availability, please contact therapist of choice directly.

 ♦ Patricia VanBeeten; 403-585-1715 or 


Book With Patricia


 ♦ Amber Bridges;  403-660-4890  or

To Book With Amber or at Elgin Village: 

Click on a therapist and their schedule will pop up, you can select the start time and date from there.  Same day information is not available, please contact therapist directly.

Keep in mind when scheduling a massage for 1/2 hour for example, there will need to be enough "15 minute slots" for 45 minutes as it will automatically book a 15 minute buffer period after your massage.  So if it says there is a conflict with your booking it is most likely this.

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